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Future trends driving change - The generational effect and technological advancements.

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Generational effect

We’ve seen some huge society changes particularly in newer generations in 2019/2020. These include; populism through politics, challenging the establishment and unacceptable behaviours through things like #MeToo or increased awareness of physical and mental health. Not to mention the shift to home, flexible or hybrid working models, and the lasting impact that has had on employee engagement and experience.

But how do we see this playing a part in our companies?

This will extend to the needs of employees – they will increasingly want a company they believe in not only in terms of success but in terms of social brand and purpose. They will want a place of work that they view as a place of true well-being that offers what they have access to outside work. The employee proposition & culture must be invested in to compete with a competitive talent market or be left behind with traditional propositions.

Technological advancements

It’s quite obvious that tech is moving at pace and companies that don’t embrace the advancements will be left behind. People play a huge part as they want to be working on the best tech and be seen to be part of the advancements.

However, in the future there will be even more capability available to us. Don’t worry, I won’t go on a monologue about AI, ML or AR but I do think these will become more accessible and practical in everyday companies lives.

This can be through a number of areas. High volume and low complexity tasks can be automated, and reporting will move to more predicative measures and insights. Learning and content will be digested in an immediate way to meet with the increasing need to do so. Use of AI bots and other relatively unproven approaches will take effect and personally I think this can only be a good thing. Not to mention the widespread adoption of Home and Hybrid working and the technologies that have enabled that.

We just need to be ready for it, be willing to adapt and explore and leverage them to their best effects. It’s always fun to an early adopter and thought leader.

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